SCJP Mock Test    

What is SCJP ?

SCJP is the abbreviation of Sun Certified Java Programmer. It is one of the most prestigious vendor certification in software industry. Due to Oracle's take-over to Sun Microsystems all Sun Certifications are now rebranded under Oracle Certification Program. Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) SE 5/6 are now known as Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 5/6 Programmer. For more details please visit Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer.

Why does one need to clear SCJP ?

This certification is for programmers experienced using the Java programming language. Achieving this certification provides clear evidence that a programmer understands the basic syntax and structure of the Java programming language and can create Java technology applications that run on server and desktop systems using J2SE 5.0. Here you get the detailed SCJP syllabus.

An Oracle Certification demonstrates that you have a solid understanding of a job role and the Oracle products used in that role. Being an Oracle Certified Professional can help raise your visibility and increase your access to the industry's most challenging opportunities.

An Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer demonstrates...

  1. Knowledge of Java technology, the Java programming language, and the product life cycle.
  2. Use of various Java programming language constructs to create several Java technology applications.
  3. Use of decision and looping constructs and methods to dictate program flow.
  4. Implementation of intermediate Java technology programming and object-oriented (OO) concepts in Java technology programs.

How Cyber Mock Test can help one to clear SCJP ?

Cyber Mock Test collects SCJP questions from different corners of the internet and get them solved by native Java experts. These questions are then added to the mock test database for thousands of SCJP aspirants like you. The mock test exam is absolutely free and we have made it customizable. You can select your time and only equivalent number of questions will be selected from database. Question selection is absolutely random just like you will experience in real SCJP exam at Prometric. As soon as the test is submitted, result gets shown in real time with each question marked as CORRECT, INCORRECT or NOT ANSWERED.

Customize your exam module

Java Standard Edition 5/6 Programmer Certified Professional Exam, Oracle Certification Program Description :-
Duration: 180 minutes
Number of Questions: 60
Passing Score: 58.33%
+ 1 for each correct answer
- 1/3 for each wrong answer