IRDA Mock Test    

What is IRDA Exam ?

IRDA is the abbreviation of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority. This is the regulatory body of Indian Insurance Industry. To become a Life Insurance Agent in India, one needs to pass the exam directed by IRDA. This exam is called IC-33 and conducted by Insurance Institute of India on behalf of IRDA. IRDA IC-33 exam takes place online and cosists of Multiple Choice Questions only.

What is IRDA IC 33 examination syllabus ?

Following topics are covered in IC 33 examination :-

  1. Understanding Customer Protection and Ethics
  2. Fulfilling Legal and Regulatory Requirements
  3. Understanding Claims
  4. Providing Professional Advice
  5. Providing Technical Product Information
  6. Understanding Insurance

How Cyber Mock Test can help one to clear IRDA IC 33 exam ?

Cyber Mock Test collects IRDA IC 33 questions from different corners of the internet and get them solved by native Life Insurance experts. These questions are then added to the mock test database for thousands of aspiring insurance agents like you. The mock test exam is absolutely free and we have made it customizable. You can select your time and only equivalent number of questions will be selected from database. Question selection is absolutely random just like you will experience in real IRDA IC 33 exam. As soon as the test is submitted, result gets shown in real time with each question marked as CORRECT, INCORRECT or NOT ANSWERED.

Customize your exam module

IRDA IC 33 Exam Description :-
Duration: 60 minutes
Number of Questions: 50
Passing Score: 50%
+ 1 for each correct answer
No negative marking for wrong answer